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Greetings! You might know me for my more highly publicized activities in the fields of music and computers, but over the years I've also maintained a passion for bicycling. I finally decided to give equal representation to my interests, so here you go:

I don't anticipate a lot of traffic to this site, but it's not a total waste of server space, either. First, I hope to give you all a better sense of what this sport is all about (FAQ, Links). And second, I plan to document, for my own enjoyment, some of the great times I've had riding my bike (Timeline, Ride Diary). If you're a cyclist yourself, you'll know what I'm talking about; if not, I hope you learn something interesting!


Latest news - 31 May 2010

One of the benefits of moving to Portland is that I'm within easy traveling distance of the Tour of California. Despite a busy work schedule, I flew to LA to watch the last two stages. I've posted my photos from the trip.


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